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Meet Amber


My name is Amber Hott, and I am running for Westminster City Council. I am married and have three children, a cat, a dog, and two cockatiels. I have been your neighbor for fourteen years, and I know we care about many of the same things. We want clean air and water, safe neighborhoods, economic stability, and a city that we can actually afford to live in.

I received my Associate’s Degree from Red Rocks Community College and my Bachelor of Science from Regis University. I work in the Colorado State Senate as a legislative aide, have experience working in the private sector, and have spent years volunteering in our community. Most importantly, I gave my kids a better childhood than I had, right here in Westminster.

I am a legislative aide in the Colorado Senate. I understand policy and have experience working on bipartisan legislation which means working with others on both sides of the aisle. I understand the stakeholder process, and the importance of bringing people to the conversation when making decisions. In 2019 I worked for a Senator who serves on the Joint Budget Committee and understand the complexities of how a local government budget works.


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